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Page Content:    Learn about Service Edge Analytics to understand the various OOTB capabilities.
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Getting Started with Service Edge Analytics

This page introduced the Service Edge Analytics for viewers. It includes a description of each of the UI areas and their functionalities.

Out of the Box Dashboards

Learn about the out of the box Service Edge Analytics dashboards

Service Edge Analytics provides a tool for transforming operational data into actionable intelligence, supporting decision makers in all levels of the organization.

It includes a predefined set of dashboards and reports, based on operational data (30 days before and 30 days after the current date). 

The following table summarized the Analytics features.



Dashboard design capabilities

Predefined only

Reports timeframe

Last\next 30 days

OOTB Dashboards

10 operational dashboards

Add dashboard filters

Change dashboard filters

Drill into dashboards

Receive email reports

Export widgets & dashboards into CSV\PDF

Out of the Box Analytics Dashboards

Analytics includes the following dashboards out of the box:

Task-related dashboards
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) related dashboards
Schedule related dashboard


Current limitations include:

  1. Analytics is not available when working in Internet Explorer.
  2. User Defined Properties and User Defined Collections are not currently supported.
  3. No localization; the only supported language is English.
  4. Historical data is not currently supported.