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Page Content:    This page provides an overview of the Click Field Service Edge solution, including the main components and external integration options.
Pages For This Content:
Service Edge Editions Overview

This page provides an overview of functionalities included in Click Field Service Edge editions, including the Service Edge editions in which each functionality category is available, links to usage procedures and background information, and high-level descriptions.

Service Edge Add-On Modules Overview

This page provides an overview of Click Field Service Edge add-on modules, including links to usage procedures and background information, and high-level descriptions.

Included Schedule Optimization Services

This page provides an overview of the Schedule Optimization services provided by ClickSoftware.

Accessing Service Edge

This page provides information about setting up your password, signing in to Service Edge, switching between the Service Edge views and session expiration.

Generic Functionality

This page provides details of the functionality that is available in the Service Edge UI, including Toolbar Options, Toolbar Buttons, Global Search, Date Picker and Context Menus.  

Language and Locale Settings

This page describes how to configure language and locale settings

Accessibility in Service Edge

This page presents the accessibility of the Service Edge scheduling process.

Glossary for Service Edge

This page contains a list of terms you might encounter when working with Click Field Service Edge. When available, the definitions include links to additional information.

Tips For Using and Searching the Documentation

Here you will find useful tips on how best to use the capabilities of the documentation platform, such as searching, receiving alerts when a page is updated, and submitting comments.

Welcome to Click Field Service Edge, a ClickSoftware SaaS solution for field service management. 

Service Edge is the market-leading solution for the most demanding mobile field service management challenges.  

Service Edge:

  • Builds on over 20 years of pioneering product development focused exclusively on optimizing field service.
  • Provides automated context-based recommendations for service planning, execution, and analysis.
  • Propels rapid value with intelligent decision making delivered to users in real-time.
  • Connects service professionals to the business and customers using collaborative mobile tools that improve the experience for each.
  • Boasts world class security, scalability, and performance for mission-critical service operations. 
  • Uses patented artificial intelligence to transform field service from reactive to predictive.
  • Offers the richest mobility in field service, which elevates technicians to service professionals - making them positive brand ambassadors.
  • Transforms service into strategic engagements with customers that build loyalty, productivity, and lifetime customer value.   
  • Enables easy and secure integration with external applications using out-of-the-box adaptors, integration platform, REST/JSON, Web Services/SOAP, and XML over HTTP. 

Service Edge offers business logic and technical functionality that facilitate successful implementation and operation by various roles within the field service organization, such as:

  • Schedulers and dispatchers
  • Field service representatives
  • Field supervisors
  • System administrators
  • Implementers
  • Managers

Service Edge can be customized easily to support specific customer requirements.