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This page provides a definitive description of the Verizon Field Force Manager software version 18.14, including new features and bug fixes.

 About this Release

This release includes the following new feature enhancements and new capabilities:

  1. Biometric Authentication
  2. Near Field Communication (NFC) data capture on mobile device
  3. Edit Trip history
  4. Custom Home screen
  5. Geofence Activity Report
  6. Message and Trips are available for Android feature phone
  7. Support kilometers in mileage
  8. Updated Push Notification gateway

  9. In-application Barcode Scanner

 Mobile Application

The Mobile App updates are available for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS

We recommend that customers update to the latest version (v18.14) of the mobile app. Visit the Devices page Supported Devices to learn about how to update your mobile app to the latest version.


This section describes in detail the new features and enhancements.

Major Enhancements

1. Biometric Authentication

Mobile workers can login into the Field Force Manager mobile application using biometric authentication instead of entering PIN or password (if enhanced security is enabled). This feature will be available for devices with fingerprint/touch ID feature.

2. Near Field Communication (NFC) Data Capture on Mobile Device

Field Force Manager mobile application supports Near Field Communication (NFC) data capture for filling up Forms. Mobile workers can scan products containing NFC tags for getting their value or IDs.

3. Edit Trip History

‘Edit Trip History’ is available under 'Trip Details' page in the Field Force Manager web application. In this section, Field Force Manager Administrator can view the list of all changes in detail made to a trip after the trip is submitted.

4. Custom Home Screen

Mobile workers can arrange the home screen icons as per their choice in Field Force Manager mobile application.

5. Geofence Activity Report

The Geofence Activity Report displays entry and exit activities for all geofences by the mobile worker. (Only available for FFM Limited)

6. Message and Trips in Android Feature Phone

‘Messages’ and ‘Trips’ features are available now in Android feature phones.

Minor Enhancements

7. Support kilometers in Mileage

Field Force Manager now supports 'kilometers' in unit for distance displayed on ‘Mileage Trip List’ and ‘Mileage Trip Details’. It can be enabled in the 'Setup Wizard' of Field Force Manager web application. After it is enabled all the distance values will be displayed in 'kilometers' in the Field Force Manager web and mobile application.

Note: Distance values will not be converted if toggled from miles to kilometers or vice-versa.

8. Updated Push Notification Gateway

Field Force Manager push notifications gateway is upgraded to support Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

9. In-application Barcode Scanner

Third party barcode scanning application is replaced by in-app code library of Field Force Manager application. Also, the barcode scanning is available for Android feature phones.

 Issues Resolved

This section describes the issues resolved:

  1. Field Force Manager GPS is enhanced to capture Stop points (worker’s break or stop radius) more efficiently.
  2. Field Force Manager has updated Daylight saving time to display current location update and stop travel of mobile workers of all affected regions.
  3. Field Force Manager is enhanced to display the time more accurately in the Timesheet summary, Worker timesheet, Worker activity log and Device status log.
  4. Data synchronization issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is resolved.
  5. Trips are enhanced to resolve the issue of a trip getting deleted while the mobile worker trip is still in a trip.
  6. Missing End job action issue in some of the Samsung Galaxy devices is resolved.
  7. Issue with the installation of the Barcode scanner is resolved.
  8. Issue with time calculation for the Timesheet Summary, Worker Activity Log and Timesheet Export Reports is resolved.

 New Supported Devices

The following devices has been certified and added as new supported devices:

  1. iPhone XR
  2. iPhone XS
  3. iPhone XS Max
  4. Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8)
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10)
  7. Sonim XP5s

 Additional Documentation and Support

Find more information at: Field Force Manager Support

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